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Evan Le: Vietnamese - American piano child prodigy plays Beethoven

Only four years old and having studied the piano just for 10 months but Evan Le is regarded as a child prodigy by fans when they watch him playing music by Mozart, J.S. Bach, Beethoven and Alberto Ginastera.

Evan Le (Photo:

Evan Le was born on May 31st, 2011 in Torrance, California. His full name is Evan Duy Quoc Le. At first, his family bought a piano for his older brother to practice, and suddenly, it was an opportunity for Evan to express his innate talent when he was just three years old.

At that time, Evan heard his older brother to play a melody. Suddenly, he ran to the piano and clicked his tiny fingers on the keys and created a melody that resembles what created by his older brother, astonishing his older brother and parents.

Evan’s parents immediately looked for music schools for him, but all schools only accepted students from five years and older because at younger ages, children have a hard time seriously sitting to play piano.

Then Evan’s parents took him to Virtuosos Russian Music Academy (VRMA) School of Music in Westminster, California. After watching Evan playing the piano just two minutes, lecturer Tuong Van immediately received him. Having experience in training children since 1996, Ms. Tuong Van affirmed the she had never met an "incredible" talent like Evan.

After only six months of studying piano since the end of 2014, Evan joined Vstar Kids contest - a contest for talented children of Vietnamese origin aged 6 to 15 years old in the US. After learning about Evan, the organizing board changed the rules of the contest, lowering the minimum age of candidates to four so that Evan could participate.

Competing with older children, who have studied piano, dancing and singing for many years, Evan remained confident to play the piano and won the third prize of the contest.

"Evan is the youngest “artist” I've ever cooperated with so far, but he had a very serious attitude and professionalism in training and performance. He can remember instantly all changes in the music that I make," said Musician Laszlo Mezo, famous Hungarian cellist.

Every day, Evan plays the piano for an hour and half, divided into two periods. In addition, he has started to compose his own tunes. Besides skills on distinguishing perfect intonation, Evan Le also has the ability to read and remember pieces of music very quickly.

"The top entertainment shows in the US such as Ellen Degeneres and America's Got Talent invited Evan to attend but his family refused because they are simple entertainment programs, moreover, it is very tiring for Evan to participate in. At the age of Evan, her family thinks that education is the most important thing," said Ms. Lyco Nguyen, Evan Le’s mother.

However, for artistic programs or programs to introduce talents, Evan’s parents agree for him to participate to get accustomed. Evan has recently recorded Little Big Shots, a program to introduce young talent for famous TV channel NBC. The program introducing Evan will be broadcast in April 2016.

In this program, Evan will perform Turkey March by genius Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, the music that any piano student does well by heart./.