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185 professor at top uni around the world

  1. Alex Bui
  2. Professor of Bioeingineering
  3. Department of Radiological Sciences, University of California at Los Angeles, United States

  4. Minh Bui
  5. Professor of Mathematics
  6. Math Department, Fullerton College, United States

  7. Thien Duy Bui
  8. Clinical Professor of Medicine
  9. Department of Orofacial Sciences, Division of Orthodontics University of California, San Francisco, United States

  10. Lan Cao
  11. Professor of Law
  12. Chapman University, United States

  13. Son Thanh Dam
  14. Professor of Physics
  15. Department of Physics, University of Chicago, United States

  16. Chi Van Dang
  17. Vice Dean of Research of Medicine
  18. Department of Medicine; Department of Cell Biology, Oncology and Pathology; Joint Appoint in the Department of molecular, Biology and Genetics, School Medicine Johns Hopkins Univerity, United States

  19. Hai Dang
  20. Professor of Mathematics
  21. Department of Mathematics and Statistics Mississippi State University, United States

  22. Nam Hoang Dang
  23. Professor of Medicine
  24. M. D. Anderson Cancer Center, United States

  25. Thong Dang
  26. Professor of Mechanical Engineering
  27. College of Engineering and Computer Science, Syracuse University, United States

  28. Mai Thi Tuyet Dao
  29. Professor of Business & Management
  30. College of Business and Innovation, University of Toledo, United States

  31. Minh Q. Dao
  32. Professor of Economics
  33. Eastern Illinois University, United States

  34. Viet Tuan Dao
  35. Professor of Business & Management
  36. Shippensburg University, United States

  37. Dzung Dinh
  38. Professor of Surgery
  39. Department of Neurosurgery, University of Illinois College of Medicine at Peoria, United States

  40. Hai Quang Dinh
  41. Professor of Mathematics
  42. Department of Mathematic Sciences Kent State University, United States

  43. Nam Truc Dinh
  44. Professor of Nuclear Engineering
  45. Department of Nuclear Engineering, North Carolina State University, United States

  46. Khanh T. Dinh, PhD
  47. Professor of Psychology
  48. Department of Psychology, University of Massachusetts Lowell, United States

  49. Kim-Anh Do
  50. Professor and Chair of Statistics
  51. Department of Biostatistics, The University of Texas M. D. Anderson Cancer Center, United States

  52. Loi H. Do
  53. Professor of Chemistry
  54. University of Houston, United States

  55. Hai An Doan
  56. Professor/Director of Computer Science
  57. Department of Computer Sciences, University of Wisconsin, Room 4355, 1210 .Dayton St, Madison WI 53706, United States

  58. Timothy Q. Duong
  59. Professor of Radiology
  60. Research Imaging Institute, University of Texas Health Science Center, United States

  61. Thuong Van Ha
  62. Professor of Radiology
  63. School of Medicine, University of Chicago, United States

  64. Hue-Tam Ho Tai
  65. Professor of History
  66. Department of History, Harvard University, United States

  67. Boi Hanh Huynh
  68. Professor Emeritus of Physics
  69. Department of Physics, Emory University, United States

  70. Dinh Van Huynh
  71. Professor of Mathematics
  72. Department of Mathematics, Ohio University, United States

  73. Dung T. Huynh
  74. Professor of Computer Science
  75. Department of Computer Science Univerity of Texas at Dallas, United States

  76. Han Quang Le
  77. Professor of Electrical Engineering
  78. Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering University of Houston, United States

  79. Nhan Van Le
  80. Professor of Electrical Engineering
  81. Electrical Engineering Department, University of California, Los Angeles, United States

  82. Phong T. Le
  83. Professor of Biology
  84. Dept. of Microbiology and Immunology, Loyola University Chicago, Stritch School of Medicine, United States

  85. Quoc Thang Tu Le
  86. Professor of Mathematics
  87. School of Mathematics Georgia Institute of Technology, United States

  88. Quynh-Thu Le
  89. Professor of Radiation Oncology
  90. Department of Radiation Oncology, Stanford University, United States

  91. Thuy Trong Le
  92. Professor, Associate Chair & Graduate Advisor of Electrical Engineering
  93. Department of Electrical Engineering, San Jose State University, United States

  94. Vo Liem
  95. Prof of Mathematics
  96. Department of Mathematics, University of Alabama, United States

  97. Paul Nghiem
  98. Professor of Medicine
  99. Division of Dermatology, University of Washington, United States

  100. Son V. Nghiem
  101. Lead Scientist of Electronic Engineering
  102. Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology, United States

  103. Chau Bao Ngo
  104. Professor of Mathematics
  105. Department of Mathematics 5734 University Avenue Chicago, IL 60637-1514, United States

  106. Hung Q. Ngo
  107. Professor,Director of Graduate Studies of Computer Science
  108. Department of Computer Science and Engineering State University of New York at Buffalo 338L Davis Hall, United States

  109. Khai D. T. Ngo
  110. Professor of Electrical Engineering
  111. Center for Power Electronics Systems,Virginia Tech, United States

  112. Long Vinh Ngo
  113. Professor of History
  114. History Department, University of Maine, United States

  115. Nhan Thanh Ngo
  116. Professor of Computer Science
  117. Computer Science Department New York University 715 Broadway, Room 1007 New York, New York, United States

  118. BaoChi Nguyen
  119. Professor of Mathematics
  120. Department of Mathematics & Computer Science, MT. SAN ANTONIO COLLEGE, United States

  121. Binh Son Nguyen
  122. Professor of Chemistry
  123. Northwestern University, United States

  124. Cam Nguyen
  125. Texas Instruments Endowed Professor of Electrical Engineering
  126. Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Texas A&M University, College Station, Texas, United States

  127. Charles C. Nguyen
  128. Dean & Professor of Mechanical Engineering
  129. School of Engineering, Catholic University of America, United States

  130. Clark T.-C. Nguyen
  131. Professor of Electrical Engineering
  132. Department of Electrical Engineering & Computer Sciences University of California, Berkeley, United States

  133. Dao M. Nguyen
  134. Professor of Surgery
  135. Department of Surgery, Miller School of Medicine, University of Miami, United States

  136. David H. Nguyen
  137. Professor of Biology
  138. Department of Biology, University of San Francisco, United States

  139. Hieu D. Nguyen
  140. Professor and Chair of Mathematics
  141. Department of Mathematics Rowan University, Rowan University, United States

  142. Hue V. Nguyen
  143. Professor of Environmental Science
  144. University of Hawaii at Manoa, United States

  145. Hung T. Nguyen
  146. Professor of Mathematics
  147. The Institute of Mathematical Statistics The North American Fuzzy Information Processing Society, United States

  148. Hung Tang Nguyen
  149. Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering
  150. The California State University at Long Beach, United States

  151. Huong Que Nguyen
  152. Professor and Chair of Physics
  153. Department of Physics, Marshall University, United States

  154. Lan Nguyen
  155. Professor of Mathematics
  156. Department of Mathematics, WKU 1906 College Heights Boulevard Bowling Green, KY 42101, USA, United States

  157. Martin Lam Nguyen
  158. Professor of Arts
  159. Department of Art, Art History & Design, University of Notre Dame, United States

  160. Minh Van Nguyen
  161. Professor of Mathematics
  162. Department of Mathematics and Philosophy, Columbus State University, 4225 University Avenue, Columbus, GA 31907., United States

  163. Nam Nguyen
  164. Prof of Mathematics
  165. Fariborz Maseeh Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Portland State University, 725 SW Harrison Street, Portland, OR 97201, United States

  166. Phuc Cong Nguyen
  167. Professor of Mathematics
  168. Louisiana State University, United States

  169. Quan Dong Nguyen
  170. Professor of Ophthalmology
  171. Stanley M. Truhlsen Eye Institute, University of Nebraska Medical Center, United States

  172. Quan Dong Nguyen
  173. Professor of Medicine
  174. Director of the Stanley M. Truhlsen Eye Institute University of Nebraska Medical Center, United States

  175. Quyen Thuc Nguyen
  176. Professor of Chemistry
  177. Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry University of California, Santa Barbara, United States

  178. Richard Nguyen
  179. Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering
  180. Department of Civil Engineering & Construction Engineering Management, California State University, Long Beach, United States

  181. Son Luu Nguyen
  182. Professor of Mathematics
  183. Department of Mathematics, University of Puerto Rico, United States

  184. Thang Nguyen
  185. Professor of Business & Management
  186. College of Business Administration, California State University, Long Beach, United 
  187. States

  188. Thanh Nguyen
  189. Professor of Business & Management
  190. Mihaylo College of Business and Economics, California State University, Fullerton, United States

  191. Thao Xuan Nguyen
  192. Professor of Law
  193. Indiana University Robert H. McKinney School of Law Lawrence W. Inlow Hall, Room 328A 530 W. New York Street, United States

  194. Thao D. Nguyen
  195. Professor of Mechanical Engineering
  196. Department of Mechanical Engineering, Johns Hopkins University, United States

  197. Thuan K. Nguyen
  198. Professor of Chemical Engineering
  199. Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering, California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, United States

  200. Trung Van Nguyen
  201. Professor of Petroleum Engineering
  202. Chemical & Petroleum Engineering, Texas A&M University, United States

  203. Truong Nguyen
  204. Professor/Chair of Computer Engineering
  205. Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of California-San Diego, United States

  206. Tung T. Nguyen
  207. Professor of Internal Medicine
  208. UCSF School of Medicine, United States

  209. Uy Xuan Nguyen
  210. Professor Emritus of Mathematics
  211. Department of Mathematics, California State University, Los Angeles, United States

  212. Viet Dung Nguyen
  213. Professor of Mathematics
  214. Ohio University Zanesville, United States

  215. Vinh Xuan Nguyen
  216. Professor Emeritus of Aerospace Engineering
  217. University of Michigan, United States

  218. Xuong Huu Nguyen
  219. Professor Emeritus of Chemistry
  220. Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, University of California, San Diego, United States

  221. Phillip Phan
  222. Professor of Business & Management
  223. Carey Business School, Johns Hopkins University, United States
  224. Pipo Nguyen-Duy
  225. Professor of Arts
  226. Oberlin College & Conservatory, United States

  227. Hoang Pham
  228. Professor and Chair of the Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering of Industrial Engineering
  229. Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering, Rutgers University, United States

  230. Hung Quang Pham
  231. Professor of Physics
  232. Theoretical High Energy Physics, University of Virginia, United States

  233. Huyen Pham
  234. Professor of Law
  235. School of Law, Texas Wesleyan University, United States

  236. Michel Tuan Pham
  237. Professor of Business & Management
  238. Graduate School of Business Columbia University, United States

  239. Nam Do Pham
  240. Professor of Electrical Engineering
  241. Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, SUNY at Stony Brook, United States

  242. Tiep Huu Pham
  243. Professor of Mathematics
  244. Department of Mathematics, University of Arizona, 617 N. Santa Rita Ave.Tucson, United States

  245. Dien D. Phan
  246. Professor of Software Engineering
  247. Department of Information Systems, St. Cloud State University, United States

  248. K. Luan Phan
  249. Professor of Psychiatry
  250. Department of Psychiatry, School of Medicine, University of Illinois at Chicago, United States

  251. Duong Hong Phong
  252. Professor of Mathematics
  253. Department of Mathematics, Columbia University,116th Street and Broadway, New York, NY 10027, United States

  254. Cu Phung
  255. Professor of Chemistry
  256. Department of Chemistry and Physical Science, Methodist University, United States

  257. Quyen Phung
  258. Professor of Mathematics
  259. Department of Mathematics, Santa Monica College, United States

  260. Joseph Thai
  261. Professor of Law
  262. College of Law, University of Oklahoma, United States

  263. Khi V. Thai
  264. Professor of Social Work
  265. School of Public Administration florida Atlantic University, United States

  266. Tuong Ton
  267. Prof of Mathematics
  268. Department of Mathematics 15 MLH The University of Iowa Iowa City, IA 52242-1419 USA, United States

  269. Angie Ngoc Tran
  270. Professor of Economics
  271. Department of Social, Behavioral, and Global Studies California State University, Monterey Bay, United States

  272. Anh Tran
  273. Professor of Computer Engineering
  274. Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Massachusetts, Lowell, United States

  275. Dang Tran
  276. Professor of Economics
  277. Department of Economics, California State University, Los Angeles, United States

  278. Frank Tran
  279. Professor of Mathematics
  280. Mt. San Antonio College, United States

  281. Hien Van Tran
  282. Professor of Business & Management
  283. School of Business-MIS Department University of Houston-Clear Lake, United States

  284. Hieu T. Tran
  285. Professor of Pharmacy
  286. Sullivan University West Campus, United State

  287. Kim-Trang T. Tran
  288. Professor of Arts
  289. Scripps College, United States

  290. Lanh Tran
  291. Prof of Statistics
  292. Department of Statistics, Indiana University, United States

  293. Phuoc Tran
  294. Professor of Mathematics
  295. College of Science and Technology, Bellevue University, United States

  296. Phuoc Huu Tran
  297. Dr. and Chair Department (retired) of Mathematics
  298. Bellevue University 1000 Galvin Road Bellevue, NE 68005, United States

  299. Tay Son Tran
  300. Professor of Mechanical Engineering
  301. Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, University of Florida, United States

  302. Trac D. Tran
  303. Professor of Electrical Engineering
  304. Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, The Johns Hopking University, United States

  305. Minh-Ha T. Trinh
  306. Professor of Cultural and Ethic Studies
  307. Department of Gender and Women's Studies, University of California, Berkeley, United States

  308. Thuan X. Trinh
  309. Professor of Astronomy
  310. Department of Astronomy, University of Virginia, United States

  311. Kinh Truong
  312. Professor of Statistics
  313. UNC Gillings School of Global Public Health, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, United States

  314. Thanh Nguyen Truong
  315. Professor of Chemistry
  316. Department of Chemistry, University of Utah, United States

  317. Van Den Truong
  318. Professor of Food & Nutrition Science
  319. Department of Food, Bioprocessing and Nutrition Sciences, North Carolina State University, United States

  320. Nhu Phuoc An Vo
  321. Professor of Medicine
  322. Center for Neurosciences, The Feinstein Institute for Medical Research, North Shore LIJ Health System, United States

  323. Thuy-Nga T. Vo
  324. Professor of Law
  325. William Mitchell College of Law, United States

  326. Toi Van Vo
  327. Professor of Biomedical Engineering
  328. Biomedical Engineering Department, Tufts University, United States

  329. Tuan Dinh Vo
  330. Professor of Bioeingineering
  331. Director of the Fitzpatrick Institute for Photonics, Duke University, United States

  332. John D. Vu
  333. Professor of Computer Science
  334. School of Computer Science, Carnegie Mellon University, United States

  335. Loc Quoc Vu
  336. Professor of Mechanical Engineering
  337. Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, University of Florida, United States

  338. Phong Quang Vu
  339. Professor of Mathematics
  340. Department of Mathematics, Ohio University, United States

  341. Tuan H Vu
  342. Professor of Neurology
  343. Neuromuscular Division, ALS Clinic, and EMG Laboratory, University of South Florida, United States

  344. Van Ha Vu
  345. Professor of Mathematics
  346. Mathematics Department, Yale University,, United States

  347. Quang H. Vuong
  348. Professor of Economics
  349. Department of Economics, Pennsylvania State University, United States

  350. Laura Doan
  351. Professor of Gender Studies
  352. School of Arts, Languages and Cultures, University of Manchester, United Kingdom

  353. Thanh T. K. Nguyen
  354. Professor of Nanomaterials and Material Science
  355. Department of Physics and Astronomy and UCL Healthcare Biomagnetic and Nanomaterials Laboratories, 3rd Floor, The Royal Institution of Great Britain, 21 Albemarle Street, London W1S 4BS, United Kingdom

  356. Tami Thi Dinh
  357. Chair - Professor of Business & Management
  358. Institute of Accounting, Control and Auditing,University of St.Gallen, Switzerland

  359. Uyen Huynh-Do
  360. Professor of Medicine
  361. Department of Nephrology and Hypertension, Inselspital, Switzerland

  362. Son Minh Nguyen
  363. Professor of Law
  364. Faculty of Law, Universite de Lausanne, Switzerland

  365. Quang Minh Tran
  366. Director, Plasma Physical. Research Centre of Physics
  367. Centre de recherches en physique des plasmas , Ecoles Polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne, Switzerland

  368. Son Tien Nguyen
  369. Professor of Physics
  370. Semiconductor materials, Department of Physics, Chemistry and Biology, Linköping University, Sweden

  371. Quang Truong
  372. Professor of Economics
  373. Maastricht School of Management, Netherlands

  374. Bao Tu Ho
  375. Professor of Computer Science
  376. School of Knowledge Science JAIST, Japan

  377. Ha Minh
  378. Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering
  379. Saitama University, Japan

  380. Chuyen Van Nguyen
  381. Professor of Chemistry
  382. Department of Food & Nutrition, Japan Women University, Japan

  383. Tuan D. Pham
  384. Professor of Mechanical Engineering
  385. The University of Aizu, Japan

  386. Tho Van Tran
  387. Professor of Economics
  388. School of Social Sciences, Waseda University, Japan

  389. Huynh Van Dinh
  390. Professor of Mathematics
  391. Department of Mathematics Morton Hall 321, 1 Ohio University, Athens OH 45701, Germany

  392. Tuong Vuong Do
  393. Professor of Mechanical Engineering
  394. Department of Technical Thermodynamic University of Applied Sciences Bochum, Germany

  395. Phu Xuan Hoang
  396. Professor of Mathematics
  397. Institute of Mathematics, Vietnamese Academy of Science and Technology, Germany

  398. Bang Van Le
  399. Professor of Computer Science
  400. Institut für Informatik, Universität Rostock, Germany

  401. Chau Khanh Le
  402. Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering
  403. Lehrstuhl für Allgemeine Mechanik, Ruhr-Universität Bochum, Germany

  404. Duong Hai Ngo
  405. Professor of Electrical Engineering
  406. Electrical Engineering Department, Technical University Berlin, Germany

  407. Hoang Duong Nguyen
  408. Professor of Biology
  409. Institut der allgemeinen Physiologie Universität Ulm, Germany

  410. Phai Van Nguyen
  411. Professor of Mechanical Engineering
  412. Department of Mechanical Engineering University of Applied Sciences Trier, Germany

  413. Thoai Van Nguyen
  414. Professor of Mathematics
  415. Mathematik, Universität Trier, Germany

  416. Tri Huu Nguyen
  417. Professor of Mechanical Engineering
  418. Ingenieurwissenschaften, FH Oldenburg/Ostfriesland/Wilhelmshaven, Germany

  419. Thoai Duy Pham
  420. Professor Director of the Hospital for Ophthalmology of Medicine
  421. Vivantes Klinikum Neukölln, Free University Berlin, Germany

  422. Phuoc Gia Tran
  423. Dean and Chaiman of Computer Science
  424. Department of Mathematics and Computer Science Institute of Computer Science University of Wuerzburg, Germany

  425. Tien Manh Tran
  426. Professor of Computer Science
  427. Dept. of Informatic and Microsystem Technics University of Applied Sciences Kaiserslautern, Germany

  428. Trung Van Tran
  429. Professor of Mathematics
  430. Institute for Experimental Mathematics University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany

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  432. Luc The Dinh
  433. Professeur of Mathematics
  434. Laboratoire d'Analyse non linéaire et Géométrie Université d'Avignon et des Pays de Vaucluse, France

  435. Hung The Diep
  436. Professeur of Physics
  437. Vice-Président en charge du développement international, France

  438. Tuong Ha Duong
  439. Professeur of Mathematics
  440. Laboratoire de Mathématiques Appliquées, Université de Technologie Compiègne, France

  441. Cuong Van Le
  442. Proffesor, Research Director at the French National for Scientific Research of Economics
  443. Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne, France

  444. Hoai An Thi Le
  445. Professeur of Computer Science
  446. Laboratoire d'Informatique Théorique et Appliquée, Université de Lorraine, France

  447. Jean Paul Cuong Nguyen
  448. Professor of Surgery
  449. Professor of Neurosurgery, Centre Hospitalier Universitaire de Nantes, Nantes, France

  450. Son Quoc Nguyen
  451. Professor, Directeur de recherche of Mechanical Engineering
  452. Stabilité et vibration non linéaire, École Polytechnique, France

  453. Zung Nguyen
  454. Prof of Mathematics
  455. Equipe Emile Picard Institut de Mathématiques de Toulouse UMR5219 CNRS Université Paul Sabatier 118 Route de Narbonne, 31062 Toulouse, France, France

  456. Antoine Dinh-Tuan Pham
  457. Directeur de Recherche of Mathematics
  458. Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, France

  459. Chau Minh Pham
  460. Professor of Chemistry
  461. Université Paris Diderot - Paris 7, France

  462. Huyen Pham
  463. Prof of Mathematics
  464. LPMA/University Paris Diderot UFR de Mathématiques, Case 7012 Batiment Sophie Germain Avenue de France 75 205 Paris Cedex 13, France

  465. Duc Cong Pham
  466. Professor of Computer Science
  467. LIUPPA laboratory University of Pau, France

  468. Tao Dinh Pham
  469. Professeur of Mathematics
  470. Institut National des Sciences Appliquees de Rouen, France

  471. Hieu Duong Phan
  472. Profeseur of Mathematics
  473. Département de Mathématiques, Université de Paris 8, France

  474. Khe Van Tran
  475. Professor of Music
  476. the University of the Sorbonne in Paris, France

  477. Patrice Huy Ba Tran
  478. Professor of Surgery
  479. Department of Otorhinolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery, AP-HP, Hopital Lariboisiere, Service ORL, Universite Paris 7, Paris, France

  480. Anton Bui
  481. Professor of Mathematics
  482. Mathematics department University of British Columbia, Canada

  483. V. T. Bui
  484. Professor Emeriti of Chemistry
  485. Department of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Royal Military College of Canada, Canada

  486. Lawrence Trong-Huan Le
  487. Professor of Medical Physics
  488. Radiology and Diagnostic Imaging, Faculty of Medicine, University of Alberta, Edmonton AB T6G 2B7, Canada

  489. Sinh Quoc Le
  490. Scientific Director of Mechanical Engineering
  491. INRS - Institut national de recherche scientique, Canada

  492. Hy Van Luong
  493. Professor of Anthropology
  494. Department of Anthropology, University of Toronto & Asian Institute, Munk School of Global Affairs, University of Toronto, Canada

  495. John HT Luong
  496. Professor of Biomedical Engineering
  497. National Research Council, Canada

  498. Trien Nguyen
  499. Professor of Economics
  500. Department of Economics, University of Waterloo, Canada

  501. Van Thanh Van Nguyen
  502. Professor and Chair of Civil and Environmental Engineering
  503. Department of Civil Engineering and Applied Mechanics, McGill University,817 Sherbrooke Street West Montreal, Quebec, Canada

  504. Hien Ngo
  505. Professor of Dentistry
  506. School of Dentistry, University of Queensland, Australia

  507. Honghi Tran
  508. Professor of Chemical Engineering
  509. Department of Chemical Engineering & Applied Chemistry Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada

  510. Khai N. Truong
  511. Professor of Computer Science
  512. Department of Computer Science, University of Toronto, Canada

  513. Nhung Tuyet Tran
  514. Canada Research Chair of History
  515. Department of History, University of Toronto, Canada

  516. Son Thanh Vuong
  517. Professor Emeritus of Computer Science
  518. Department of computer science, University of British Columbia, Canada

  519. Tho Minh Nguyen
  520. Professor of Chemistry
  521. University of Leuven - Department of Chemistry Celestijnenlaan 200F - Leuven 3000 - Belgium, Belgium

  522. Hung Dang Nguyen
  523. Professeur ordinaire, Directeur du Service LTAS-Mécanique de la Rupture des Solides of Mechanical Engineering
  524. Laboratoire de Techniques AéroSpatiales, Service LTAS-Mécanique de la Rupture des Solides, Université de Liège, Belgium

  525. Hoang B. Doan
  526. Professor of Electrical Engineering
  527. Faculty of Information Technology University of Technology, Sydney, Australia

  528. Tuan Duong Hoang
  529. Professor of Electrical Engineering
  530. The university of New South Wales, Australia

  531. Tuan Hoang
  532. Prof of Mathematics
  533. University of Technology, Sydney City campus 15 Broadway Ultimo NSW 2007, Australia

  534. Anh Van Nguyen
  535. Professor of Chemical Engineering
  536. School of Chemical Engineering University of Queensland, Australia

  537. Hung Nguyen
  538. Professor of Electrical Engineering
  539. Faculty of Engineering University of Technology, Sydney, Australia

  540. Tuan Nguyen
  541. Prof of Medicine
  542. UNSW Medicine, Australia

  543. Toan Pham
  544. Head of School,Associate Professor of Business & Management
  545. School of Banking and Finance University of New South Wales, Australia

  546. André H. Hoang
  547. Professor of Physics
  548. Faculty of Physics, University of Vienna, Austria