Learning Bigdata Health science

7 Big Data Steps in Health Science

source: @kdnuggets.com

Every year we go to our doctor to get checked out. And being really busy, our doctor has only minutes to complete an examination and do a preemptive strike on any health ailments that we personally may be facing in the next few years. But did you know… to not miss anything our doctor is getting help from Big Data? With the rising costs from R&D and us getting longer life-spans, Big Data is becoming more entrenched and more crucial to reducing the investment needed to keep us healthy. But, how does Big Data actually do this?

From a bird’s eye view Big Data encompasses seven steps. Understanding these steps will help us better leverage Big Data. Not only that, we’ll feel more comfortable sharing our health information and be better prepared to place stricter regulations on which of our health data should be collected and when. Let’s take a look at these seven steps in detail.

Big Data has proved itself over and over for keeping us healthy.

From mapping out what our bodies look like when we’re well, to how our bodies degrade when we’re sick, to how disease spreads in our bodies, to how diseases spread on a global scale. But Big Data is just another tool. And like any tool, we must rely heavily on the knowledge and training of our tool user, our health practitioner, to keep us all healthy.