Facts & Info.

Ethnic groups 85.7% Kinh 53 minorities

Demonym; Time zone UTC+7 ; 21°2′N 105°51′E; (Phone) Country code +84; Internet TLD .vn 

Currency: Dong (VND) (1 USD is about 22000 VND) 

Capital: Hanoi; Largest city: Ho Chi Minh

Drives on the right

Motto: Doc lap-Tu do-Hanh phuc ="Independence - Freedom - Happiness" 

Anthem: Tien Quan Ca ="Army March" 

Government: Socialist republic, single-party communist state 

Official language: Vietnamese 

 The Vietnamese Latin alphabet uses the horn for the letters "ơ" and "ư"; the circumflex for the letters "â", "ê", and "ô"; the breve for the letter "ă"; and a bar through the letter "đ".

It also has six tones: "á", "à", "", "ã" and "", the five tones used for vowels along with flat tone "a".

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