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Quotes for the day

Computer Club: Mac<=> Windows

Language Club: 

  1. Vietnamese Second Language study
  2. Vietnamese<=>English

Poem Club:

  1.   Poems by kids:
Research Club: 

Editing with Tex

  1. Handbook for famous reference citation
  2. Handbook for Tex
  3. Abbreviate

Writing advice from a scholar in Vietnamese 

  1. Writing check 1: orders of the words
  2. Writing check 2: when to use italics
  3. Writing 1: strategies for a paper
  4. Writing 3: response to peer review
  5. Data and writing
  6. Presentation: slides 
  7. Speaking at a conference
  8. How to do research: methods
  9. How guide a Phd student
  10. Reading/research carefully: good or bad sources?

Reading Machine learning notes

  1. Readings from KD Data Mining, Big Data, and Data Science
  2. Readings from lectures on ML
  3. What is Big Data? Data science
  4. Big data landscape (picture file attached)
  5. Reading notes
  6. Big Data or smart data
  7. Big data key terms
  8. Big data in medicine
  9. Big data in health science
  10.  Inference vs. Prediction 
  11. Correlation or regression first?
  12. Regularisation
  13. Intro regression analysis


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